Tourism Resources in Kurdistan

About US:


Satisfying Information for Kurdistan Guest and Tourists


Our mission is providing accurate, pure and satisfying information to our customers which they can reach them easily with very lower cost.

Kurdistan tourism Resources Company will develop and support only the highest quality marketing services. With this as our primary mission, we will embed our services into the marketplace. Our Data services will be a valuable resource as procurement service. Combined with our quality Internet-based marketing websites and customer management tools, our clients can expect positive results and long term growth.

Keys to Success

1.Seasoned management.

2.Strongly defined long run goals for longevity, to allow flexibility and growth.

3.Strong marketing goals with niche services and targeted services delivered with unique marketing approaches.

4.Very low internal development costs at startup.


The primary objectives of Kurdistan tourism Resources Company are to develop and support:

1.We will be a leader in providing the information approximately within 3 years.

2.Purchasing and order management technology systems.

3.Web-based E-marketing sites and systems.

4.Web-based sales and marketing systems.